Weekly Pinterest Crush: Joy Cho

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We love Joy Cho because she is a wealth of knowledge. She’s a blogger and designer who’s made it big with her blog Oh Joy!, her nationwide textiles, packing, and branding business, as well as her two well-received books Blog Inc. and Creative Inc. Joy, who has a sense of style that is simply unparalleled, lives in LA now, but has worked in New York as well. In addition to her other wonderful qualities, Joy loves a good cupcake. Her Pinterest boards are reflective of her talent in branding and typography, the love she has for her baby girl and husband, and her love of food and favorite places to chow down in both NYC and LA. Her board Tasty Treats is full of awesome sounding sweets like Green Tea Kit Kats and Mint Chocolate Popsicles.

Stay inspired with Joy Cho on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ohjoy/

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    1. lyndsay

      so awesome, i clicked on her board and ZOMG it’s got so much loveliness… and holy excitement, i saw three of my cakes on there! sweeeeet!


      xo lyndsay


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