Ask BFFF: How to Bake a Cake

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Before we begin, you’ll need a few supplies: a delicious cake recipe (you may just want to troll BFFF for a few options), an appropriate sized pan, an oven (of course!), a timer, a couple of toothpicks, and, if you’re feeling fancy, a cute apron.

Plan it out: I’m a super planner, so I always like to do my shopping a day ahead of time. Make sure you review your recipe thoroughly, and be sure you have all of the right supplies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the store and accept no substitutions. You’ll also want to make sure you have planned out ample time the next day to bake your cake as prep and baking times will vary from recipe to recipe.

Get your space ready: On the day of, make sure your kitchen is free of clutter and any messes. I like to set out all of my supplies so I don’t have to go searching for eggs, my favorite springform, or flour half-way through. I’m also a big fan of pouring a glass of wine and turning on some mood music which, while not necessary, is highly recommended.

Ready, set, bake! : Follow your recipe as closely as possible, pop your ready-to-bake cake in the oven, and leave the rest to the baking gods. Set a timer (remember to turn it on!), and watch some tv, read a book, or better yet, read some BFFF. When the timer dings, pull the cake out asap, remove it from it’s confinements, and allow it to cool on a wire rack. I normally check my cakes by inserting toothpicks into the center because of sheer paranoia, but you are more than allowed to trust in your own baking skills and let it rest. I like to give my cakes at least a half hour before I mess with decorating them.

Decorate: After the half hour has passed (and believe me, it will feel more like half a year than half of an hour), and your house smells sufficiently of delicious baked goods, get to decorating. I like to decorate my cakes on the wire rack they cooled on and move them to a cake stand (or the dinner table) after, but that is completely up to you.


Not sure what cake to try out first? Here’s a few of my favorite easy cake recipes:

Bakerella’s Chocolate Cake with Buttercream and Ganache

Joy the Baker’s Simple Vegan Chocolate Cake


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