Ask BFFF: How to Bake with Lavender

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One of my favorite desserts in the whole wide world is lavender shortbread. It might just be one of the most delicious, decadent things I have ever made or eaten. While I have heard of people baking with fresh lavender or fake lavender flavorings, my favorite way to bake with lavender is to use a natural lavender extract. It provides you with that extra flavorful lavender taste, without all of the fake additives or crunchy lavender bits. You can make your own lavender extract by using this Homemade Lavender Extract tutorial from Semi Sweetie, or you can purchase it online on retailers like Amazon or at your local health food store. When buying your lavender extract in store, make sure you’re purchasing the edible kind, or you might end up with something that tastes a little more like bath beads than shortbread.

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