Ask BFFF: Is it Better to Weigh or Measure Flour?

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Is it better to weigh or measure flour is, unfortunately, one of those questions that is hard to answer. I can only comfortably say that it all depends on the recipe and the quantity. While I’m at work, slamming out hundreds of pounds in doughnuts or pastries, you better believe I am weighing my flour. But when I’m hanging at home, making brownies for my husband’s lunches, I’m way more likely to measure out my flour (despite my fancy Martha Stewart Baker’s Scale). The recipe you’re using for whatever baked good you’re creating is likely to have a preference as to weighed or measured flour, and you should stick with that. The only exception would be when you’re making large batches of things, or if you’re doubling and tripling a recipe. I am more apt to weighing my flour when I am making large batches than I am with small batches. Just be sure you find an online conversion chart or generator to help you figure out exactly what you’re looking for if you don’t normally weigh your flour.

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    1. Melissa

      I now weigh my flour too. It is much less time consuming to sift in to a bowl and weight verses sifting and then scooping into a cup.


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