Interview with Linda Lomelino of Call Me Cupcake

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Linda Lomelino knows a thing or two about cake, sweets, and photography, evidenced by her gorgeous website, Call Me Cupcake, and her new cookbook, “Lomelinos Tårtor.” She also knows a thing or two about interior design, music, and literature. There’s probably more, but she doesn’t like to brag. Hailing from a coastal town in western Sweden, Linda’s life seems idyllic to me. I was honored to get a glimpse inside her world and to learn how she got her start creating beautiful cupcakes, cakes, and everyday desserts for celebrating life.

You’re in a band, you bake, write, and take beautiful photographs. What else do you love to create that readers  may be unaware of?

Thank you! I think I actually show most of my talents on the blog. The weird thing is that I discovered my talents quite recently. I mean, I’ve never had any interest in baking before I started my blog. But I do love interior design! Not sure if I’m good at it, but I love it!


When did you start baking? Has this always been a love of yours?

I discovered my love for baking rather late, so it came as a surprise for me and everyone around me . . . or maybe not. I’ve always had these weird ideas of what I want to achieve, and then I usually give up if I’m not the best instantly. And I mean, who is? Practice is key. But baking stuck somehow. It was so much fun that I didn’t care if I was the best or not. Same thing with food photography. I thought I was okay when I started, and I actually kept at it. I really have developed since I first started in July 2009. I’m definitely a perfectionist, and I still have so much to learn, but that’s the fun part.


I love that you incorporate traditional Swedish and European-inspired recipes as well as some pretty standard American favorites. Did you grow up eating and baking foods from a wide variety of cultural influences?

I’m so glad you think so! I’m trying to adapt the content of my blog for readers all over the world. American baking is very exciting to me! I mean, I do love Swedish pastries as well, but for me they’re not very “exotic.” I am very inspired by many foreign food blogs!

My father is Portuguese and my maternal grandparents are German, so you would think so! But in fact, I was extremely picky as a child and stopped eating meat when I was about nine years old. I think I got really aware of where the food I ate actually came from, and I guess I still am, as I’m still a vegetarian. Pastries, on the other hand, are something I grew up with, big time! I didn’t enjoy being part of the baking process, but I loved eating anything sweet. I still do! I think that definitely runs in my family . . . whenever I invite them for cake there is usually nothing left when they leave! I would say I’ve grown up with some pretty standard Swedish food and pastries. My mother did bake a lot, but I don’t think I’ve given it much thought. Now that I think back, I can remember that we usually had home baked goods rather than store-bought pastries or candy.


One of your comments on a beautiful fondant cake that you made said, “as always I had no plan so it was completely improvised.” Is that really normal for you?  Do you feel that it takes longer for you when you just start baking and improvising?

That really is normal for me! I kind of dislike that I work that way, but somehow it works really well for me. I work best under pressure and under chaotic circumstances. That’s why I never invite anyone to my home after a photo shoot . . . haha. Our place is usually a complete mess after that! I’m trying to be more organized now, but it’s not going so well. For cakes, I usually don’t have a plan. By that, I mean I don’t make sketches of how I want the cake to look. I think of a detail that I want to include in the design like frills, flowers, or maybe a color. I should mention though that when I make fondant cakes (as I only bake for family and friends), I get told to go nuts and make something pretty, so I can do pretty much what I like. It would be a whole different story if I was getting paid, and if they knew exactly what they wanted . . . a lot of pressure!

Do you take orders for cakes and cupcakes, or do you just bake for friends and family?

I thought about starting a baking business at first, but as time went by, I realized that photography is half the fun! So I’m not sure. Maybe sometime in the future! But it seems like so much work, and that is not where I need my focus right now. So right now, it’s only for friends and family.


If you could make the perfect cupcake for yourself, what flavors would it include?

It all depends on the season and what mood I’m in, but I’d have to say Tiramisù cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. Yum! I’ve made tiramisù cupcakes, tiramisù cake, tiramisù frozen cake, and tiramisù ice cream, so you can probably tell I’m a huge fan of all things tiramisù.

Any plans to get your beautiful new cookbook published in English?

 I would love that so much. We’ll see what happens. Nothing is decided yet. That’s all I can say for now.

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