Modern Hanukkah Dessert Table

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Hi everyone! It’s Brooke from Sucre Shop here to share some fantastic Hanukkah dessert table ideas to inspire your holiday planning. My Hanukkah dessert table is loaded with fried items like doughnuts and olive oil cupcakes to remind us of the miracle of oil on Hanukkah. Instead of setting the table with a menorah, I created the shape of a menorah with pudding cups! I numbered shot glasses 1 through 8 using gold stickers, put some little stars on a glass for the shamash, and filled them with blueberry pudding.

To make my dessert table more interactive, I decided to incorporate a doughnut decorating station. Next to the tower of plain doughnuts are two bottles filled with sweetened condensed milk and honey to pour on as a base. An assortment of sprinkles are arranged in containers and ready to be sprinkled onto the doughnuts.

I put a fun spin on classic milk and cookies by cutting holes in the center of my cookies before baking and allowing them to rest on top of a glass with a brightly colored straw poking through. The cookies are simple butter cookies with royal icing. I also made dreidel-shaped cookies and decorated them with the Hebrew letters on the dreidel: nun, gimmel, hay and shin. These letters create a Hebrew phrase which translates to “A great miracle happened there.”

The meringues were piped to mimic the shape of a dreidel and sandwiched together with royal icing. In keeping with a traditional Hanukkah color palette, I opted to make my meringues blue and yellow.

Cupcakes are savory and delicious when they’re made with olive oil! The icing was divided into four bowls and tinted in shades of blue to create an ombre effect. Since all of the baked goods were homemade, it did require some time and prep work to put together my dessert table. So with some efficient time-planning, it is relatively inexpensive to create a bright and fun Hanukkah table!


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