Greely Myatt’s Wooden Desserts

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Recently, wooden decorations have been everywhere on the home decor and fashion blogs. Because of that trend, artist Greely Myatt has combined two amazing concepts: wood and dessert. Myatt, a professor of sculpture at the University of Memphis, has embarked on a journey to take desserts into a different realm of design. Dessert Girl describes them as “at once playful and realistic, rustic yet campy.”


To make these unique pieces, Myatt uses reclaimed materials such as wood and metal. Not only are these pieces exceptional in style, they are also environmentally conservative! Myatt’s dessert art ranges from slices of cake and cupcakes to ice cream cones. Although his cake slices seem to be the most popular dessert art, I think my favorite is his wooden ice cream cone! The detail he adds to the melting ice cream astounds me. He makes a piece of wood and a bit of acrylic frosting look truly lifelike. Or shall I say, good enough to eat!

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