How to Make Christmas Cookie Trees

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Hi everybody! It’s Ash from SmashCakes, here to teach you how to make these adorable Cookie Christmas Trees! Instead of giving material gifts year after year, I like to mix things up and give sweet holiday treats to my neighbors and family friends. This tradition is so special to me because people are always so appreciative when receiving handmade gifts. Whether it be food or a gift or a card, taking the time out to make something meaningful for someone shows them how much you care. These Cookie Christmas Trees are wonderful last-minute projects to put together as gifts for your loved ones, and they’re especially fun to make with children! These Cookie Christmas Trees would be the perfect gifts for coworkers, teachers, or neighbors.

For these trees you will need:

  • A heap of cooked, cooled cookies, any flavor you desire. Note: Amount varies depending on how many trees your making and how high you want them to be. I decided to make each tree 12 cookies high so I bought a pack of 6 star cookie cutters in graduating sizes. I stamped out 2 of each size per tree.
  • White fondant
  • Royal icing, in a piping bag
  • Powdered sugar
  • Silver nonpareils
  • A board to display the trees (I covered cardboard squares with brown paper and a strip of washi tape).
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon


  1. Roll out your fondant on a clean surface. Using the same set of cookie cutters from your cookies, stamp out the fondant and use the royal icing as glue to set the fondant shapes onto the cookie.
  2. Place your largest cookie onto your cake boards. Using the royal icing as glue, build up your trees by piling cookies on top of one another, insuring that the points of the star are facing different directions.
  3. Let the trees set for a few hours before decorating with royal icing and silver nonparallels and dusting with powdered sugar.


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