How to Make Peppermint Swirl Cupcakes

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Hello! It’s Nikki from Tikkido, here show you two easy ways to make extra-fancy looking peppermint swirl cupcakes. A chocolate cupcake alone is great, but topped with swirly-twirly red and white peppermint spirals? That’s my idea of holiday heaven! What I love about these techniques is that they look so involved, but are so incredibly easy to execute. No hours spent making fondant decorations. No trips to the store to purchase a suitable cupcake topper. Just a quick whirl of icing and you’re done!

Method 1

You’ll need:

    • Three disposable icing bags
    • One large star tip
    • Two colors of icing

Fill one icing bag with white icing, the other with red icing. Don’t fill the bags to capacity, just halfway or so. Snip the end of the red and white icing bags. Snip the end off of the third icing bag and insert the large star tip. Put both the red and the white icing bags inside the third bag and swirl onto your cupcakes.

Method 2

You’ll need:

      • One disposable icing bag and large star tip
      • White icing
      • Red food coloring
      • Clean, food-safe paintbrush

Use the clean paintbrush to paint stripes of red food coloring inside a disposable icing bag. Yes, it’s messy. It looks perfectly awful at this point, in fact, but don’t worry!  It’ll end up looking great, I promise. Fill painted icing bag with white icing. It still looks pretty awful, right? Like you had some sort of terrible kitchen accident or you’re getting ready to make Halloween cupcakes. Bear with me. I promise it’ll look good. Swirl the icing on your cupcake. See? I told you, it looks great!  Not in the least like a scene from a horror film.


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