Cupcake Project’s Brilliant and Crazy Cupcakes

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Happy New Year from Best Friends For Frosting! One of our New Year’s resolutions is to expand our baking horizons in 2013, and we’re feeling so inspired by Stef Pollack, the brains behind Cupcake Project. Stefanie Pollack began her journey with cupcakes six years ago when she volunteered to make cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. After that, she was hooked! Since then, she has come up with some truly unique recipes, and her collection just continues to grow.

This passion has led Stef to incredible places. She now is a regular contributor for Paula Deen’s website and has been featured on other major online venues such as Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, The New York Times, and the TLC Cake Crew. Any of these sound familiar? Her unparalleled treats have won several competitions as well. In 2008, her Baked Bean and Tomato Cupcakes won first place in Iron Barley’s Tomato Fest. Also, her Avocado Lime Cupcakes won the Quirkiest Cupcake Award in the monthly Cupcake Hero Contest.

Stef’s creations are taking the dessert world by storm. Even the Food Channel is talking about Stef’s blog! At first glance, some of her recipes seem a little crazy. Take her Green Smoothie Cupcakes, Spam Cupcakes, and Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes for example. But when we get down to it, Stef  has told us in an interview that she makes her recipes as easy as possible. It’s time to expand your taste buds! Check out her blog and get to baking!

Photo by: Cupcake Project

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