DIY Custom Candy Wrapper

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Hi everybody! Brooke from Sucre Shop here with a dessert packaging DIY idea that you can use year-round: a completely custom candy wrapper!

I love the little luxuries you get when you go on vacation. Things like staying at hotels that put chocolates in sparkly foil wrappers on your nightstand make me so thrilled. I had a sweet friend come to visit recently, and I created this project because I wanted to treat her to a fun little surprise in my guest room!


I used some cute rubber stamps and a solvent ink pad called StazOn, which is amazing because it dries on metals like aluminum foil. It can also be used on plastic and parchment paper, offering so many possibilities. I cut my tin foil into squares and stamped my images on the foil. Make sure you follow the ink manufacturer’s instructions on drying time, and be sure to test carefully. This ink easily stains clothes and tabletops, so be careful!


I wanted to make something cute for my friend, so I used a mustache stamp. I can see doing this same project for parties, hostess gifts and maybe even weddings by using a monogram stamp.

What you put inside the foil is up to you! I have chocolate squares in mine, but I love the idea of using this idea to wrap up some yummy caramels. Have fun, and get ready for some major compliments from your guests!

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