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Pink cupcakes with pearly white sprinkles, sparkling drinks with a striped straw and bold, colorful napkins. That’s how we envision what the delectable desserts are like on a cruise. Now imagine all of that under the perfect evening sky.
Thanks to our sponsors, who allow us to continue to keep doing what we love most at Best Friends for Frosting, you can make that happen on board a Princess Cruise.  Make your loved one — or loved ones — feel special by whisking them away to celebrate a graduation, honeymoon, birthday or holiday. Imagine all the fun and possibilities on the high seas. But you don’t even need a Hallmark occasion to embark on a Princess Cruise. Paint the town, or rather cruise ship, red for love, change or even a new goal you accomplished.
Better yet, why not make a spontaneous trip? You only live once, right? No matter what inspires you to take a cruise, it’s sure to be unforgettable, filled with adventure, laughter and yes, all the sweets you can handle.
Are you excited yet because we sure are! Leave us a comment telling us who you’d take with you on a Princess Cruise and you’ll be celebrating, like a new milestone in life. We want to hear all about it. All aboard!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises via Unruly Media.

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