How to Make “Full of Love” Fondant Flowers

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If any of you are like me, then you too are intimidated by the thought of making a fondant flower. While thinking of something fun to do for a Valentine’s tutorial for our readers, all I could think of were hearts and flowers. But how could I take either one to a new creative level after Valentine’s is already so saturated with both? I thought to myself, why not combine the two. The result was a fun, unique, and easy way to make fondant flowers that are quite literally “full of love!”

Adorn your sweets for your sweetheart with these blooms of romance, and they will not only be impressed by your fancy new fondant skills, but they will surely feel the love!


You’ll Need:

  • Red fondant
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter


Cut 18-25 small hearts out of red fondant. I used hearts that measured approximately 1″ wide. Wet the top of each heart with water and press them together in a line to make a strip.



Roll out a tiered shaped center and wet it with water. Wrap the hearts around center. Make sure the strip is wet so it will stick as you wind it around.

It’s that easy!



Play around with these basic steps and try your own take on them! Mix colored hearts for a multi-colored flower, or try doing larger heart cut-outs for an oversized flower for a cake.

If you could have one single flower given to you for Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

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    1. Kichael Miller

      This was great I have been looking at different ways to make rose cake pops I think I’ll give this a try! Check out or look for some pics on instagram @bestcakepop to see how it goes!

      The flower I would want on Valentine’s day would be a sunflower because it reminds me of my favorite “surprise date” with my hubby ;)


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