Steve Dorsey of Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies

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If you’re looking for a tantalizing treat that is reminiscent of the homemade pies your Grandma used to bake, then Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies is just the thing for you. Founder Steve Dorsey has perfected the art of the lemon creme pie and has made his delicious concoction available for purchase. Although Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies has only been around since last year, customers are already raving about the flavorful, creamy pies.  It’s also our founder, Melissa Johnson’s, new favorite dessert! We had a chance to talk with Steve about his bright, yellow, mouth-watering pies!


Can you paint a picture of what it’s like to bite into one of your lemon creme pies, or, as you describe it an “Oh Lawd!” moment?

One taste will move you. A tastebud tantalizing forkful will take you back to a time when quality pies were a way of life. Taste the crunchy caramel. Smell the sweetness of its buttery crust. Enjoy the silky smooth textured, fresh lemon flavored pie filling and creme topping.  Prepare as your palate joyfully screams, “Oh Lawd!” Experience a taste of heaven in every bite!


What inspired you to start sharing your love for lemon with the world by launching Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies?

After failed attempts to land branding/ad campaigns with food companies, I reached into my vault of ideas and pulled out “Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies.” The plan was to develop a great pie recipe and a unique pie eating experience, as well as a name and tagline. I also wanted a timeless logo with great application extensions, a strategic PR/marketing plan, and memorable online commercials with a solid jingle. The world benefits by consuming a great brand born out of the determination to succeed and a new dessert tradition to build upon.


What kind of trial and error did it take to come up with the perfect lemon creme pie recipe that you were searching for? 

It took about a year and a half of recipe testing, focus/user groups, and cultural research relative to regional dessert likes and dislikes. Test cities included Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Dallas, New Orleans, Sacramento, and various cities in the Bay Area.

You’ve created a pretty delicious looking lemon creme pie!  What does the future look like?  Would you ever consider opening a brick and mortar location, servicing other cities, or perhaps expanding the pie selections?

Definitely!  Plans are in the works to design and implement the “Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pie Experience” retail environment. Additional lemon creme based flavors are in the vault ready for release according to our strategic marketing plan. Our next flavor is set for a June release!

Follow the links below to learn more about Steve Dorsey and Oh Lawd! Lemon Creme Pies:



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