How We Drink Naked Juice

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I should probably start this out by saying I LOVE Naked Juice.  I have been a huge fan of Naked Juice for years and years.  My 2-year-old son and husband are just as big of fans as I am, so this is what I stock my refrigerator with for my family.  I may or may not have had to have a few battles of “ro-sham-bo” with my husband for the last bottle.  We love it that much!  So today, I am super stoked to be sharing simple and healthy ways to get your required daily intake of fruits and vegetables while incorporating delicious Naked Juice products.
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My top 2 favorite go-to flavors of Naked Juice are Mighty Mango and Strawberry Banana.  Can you believe there is NO sugar added?  They taste so good!  Even my son loves Naked Juice!
On an entertaining level, I love those trendy striped straws.  Everything just seems to taste better when you’re drinking from a striped straw!  Even though you can add Naked juice to so many recipes to make it extra fabulous, it taste amazing on its own.  So today, I took a picture to show you a glimpse of my afternoon routine, with a bottle of Naked Juice– Strawberry Banana.  The Mighty Mango was up next.  So wonderful!
Looking for simple and healthy ways to get your required daily intake of fruits and vegetables while incorporating Naked Juice products?  A few of my favorite ways include taking your favorite smoothie and adding naked juice in place of another required liquid.  Love to juice?  Another way is to juice your favorite fruits and vegetables and add Naked Juice to your batch for an extra kick of flavor.  Are you one for pairing?  You can pair so much more than wine and cheese.  How about pairing fresh, crisp locally grown broccoli with a glass of Naked Juice?  The possibilities are endless.
Whether you’re entertaining or incorporating healthier routines on an average day, Naked Juice is sure to set those moments apart for your palate.  Did I mention I love Naked Juice?
Drink Yourself Healthy, One Pound at a Time.  Naked Juice is worth its weight in good! There’s a pound of fruit in every bottle. Naked Juice has partnered with charity WholesomeWave to improve access to fresh produce in communities across the country.  You can help by visiting For every coupon downloaded, 1 LB of fresh produce will go to an underserved community, up to 100,000 pounds.)
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Naked Juice via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Naked Juice. I did drink both bottles of Naked Juice before taking photos for this post, so I had to go to the store to buy more. They’re that AMAZING!

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