National Black Forest Cake Day Desserts

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Today, March 28th, is National Black Forest Cake day! Black Forest Cake, named after a German specialty liquor that is distilled from dark cherries, is the perfect combination of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherries.  There are so many ways to bake up this great combination, and today, we’re sharing our favorites with you! From cupcakes to gluten free cake, we’ll help you celebrate with fabulous recipes that are sure to please everyone on your dessert list.


This Black Forest Cake from Passionate About Baking is a more traditional style cake with beautiful layers of whipped cream, cake, and cherries.


These Single-Serving Black Forest Cakes from Sugar for the Brain are the perfect individual desserts for party guests.


Gluten free doesn’t have to mean dessert free with this Gluten Free Black Forest Cake  from Delicieux.


This Black Forest Mini Pavlova with Chocolate Mousse  from Cooking Melangery is a dreamy combination of flavors served in a most decadent way.


Try this recipe for Black Forest Tiramisu from Flagrante Delicia for a truly unique way to serve a great dessert.

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