Dairy Free Desserts To Try

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Dessert doesn’t discriminate. No matter what you think, there’s a treat that’s perfect for Y-O-U.  Whether you’re craving chocolate, searching for salty and sweet, or looking for something fruity, there’s a dessert out there. There’s even a dessert out there if you’re looking for something dairy free. Here are some of our favorite vegan desserts that prove that dessert is made with more than just butter. Try them out today!


Get adventurous in the kitchen with this Coconut Panna Cotta – your taste buds will thank you! (via Inspiring the Everyday)


When life hands you lemons, make this sweet and tart Vegan Lemon Cheesecake! (via Baking Bites)


Transform a simple pudding into a incredible experience with this Vegan Raspberry Tapioca Pudding. (via Dramatic Pancake)


You don’t need a straw or an ice cream scoop to enjoy this treat. These Vegan Rootbeer Float Cupcakes revamp a classic treat in such a great way. (via Bitter Sweet)


Treat yourself to something delightfully delicate (and simple!) with Japanese Pearls with Raspberries. (via Alis Whim)


Part ice cream sandwich, part peanut butter cup. A Vegan Buster Bar Dessert is just what everyone needs. Don’t you think? (via Amy Layne)

Do you have a favorite dairy free dessert?

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