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Most of us probably can’t fit weekly spa getaways into our schedules. So how do we relax, de-stress and calm down after a hectic week? Well, we’ve found that baking is a pretty fantastic relaxation therapy. Put on your pajamas, turn on some tunes, and make your way to the kitchen. When your baking is done, you’ll have a sweet treat for the rest of the day!


Meyer lemons are half lemon, half mandarin orange. Break away from the traditional lemon bars with Meyer Lemon Bars with Lavender Shortbread Crust. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)


Panna Cotta is one of our favorite brunch desserts. This Chamomile Yogurt Panna Cotta will soothe your senses before manic Monday. (via Two Blue Lemons)


Tired of your summer beach-body diet? Grapefruit Rosemary Olive Oil Cake is a light, citrus-y sweet treat that won’t have you stressing about carbs. (via Desserts for Breakfast)


The tremendous benefits of green tea are available in Matcha, a fine-powdered green tea. We bet you can’t eat just one Matcha Sable cookie. (via Bicil the Baker)


We’ve found a new place to scatter rose petals. Tell all of your friends about this Chamomile Rose Pudding Cake with Merengue. (via Yum Sugar)


Chamomile is the new “it” herb, so get on board with Chamomile Cupcakes with Honey Glaze (via Joy the Baker)


The great thing about the spa is that you feel exponentially better the moment you step in. To mimic the aesthetic appeal, we give you Spring Cupcakes with Sugared Flowers. (via Martha Stewart)

What do you bake to relax?

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