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When it comes to cake and cupcake decorating, the options can almost seem endless. From ruffles to swirls to roses, there’s a unique technique out there suitable for any masterpiece. But how do you know which to choose? And the more important question: how do you accomplish it? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve picked out some of our favorite frosting techniques to get you started. Whether you’re just beginning, or you’re ready to take on that incredibly popular ruffle look, this will help you out!


This gorgeous Pink Frosted Cake uses a piping tip and the end of a spoon to create its unique look. (via Soccerrus)


These Brownie Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting show off the perfect toasted marshmallow technique. It’s as simple as toasting the edges with a kitchen torch, but it gives the cupcake such a nice finish. (via Cooking Classy)


The Rose Frosting Technique is absolutely all the rage. This particular cake uses the popular technique, but it switches things up a bit by alternating different shades. (via Strawberry Chic)


We’ve all seen the Ruffle Cake Technique by now on Pinterest. If you’re looking for an elegant looking cake, and you have a lot of time and patience to frost, this one is perfect for you! (via Martha Stewart)


This simple Piping Technique is absolutely stunning! With the right piping tip, and a bit of time, you can create a masterpiece. (via The Chubby Bunny)


This French Pastry Tip Technique is so simple, yet so fun! Simply squeeze the frosting, flatten it, and decorate with your favorite candy in the middle! (via Pen n’ Paper Flowers)


Create stunning flower cupcakes with this Mum Frosting Technique. Switch up the colors to create the perfect flowers for any occasion. (via Running Blonde)


Talk about the perfect cake for an outdoor party! This Beehive Cake uses a small spatula to create a stunning spiral effect.  (via Zoe Bakes)


Wondering how to create the perfect Multi-colored Swirl of frosting? It’s simple! Add colored frosting to separate piping bags, join in another piping bag, and get swirling. (via Anna and Blue)


If you’re just a beginning, learning How To Frost a Cake is incredibly beneficial. There’s a bit of an art to it, so practice, practice, practice! (via Whisk Kid)

What’s your favorite frosting technique?

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