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(via Amy Atlas)

Looking for a new trend that will kick-start and inspire your next dinner party or family gathering? Forget serving that traditional dessert that you have been making for years, and go for a table of carefully selected sweet treats in the form of a delicious candy buffet.

Imagine dessert tables filled with beautifully presented pastel-colored sweets. Adding a candy buffet is a great way to add a unique edge to any kind of occasion, and it will certainly get your guests talking, as well as eating!

Whether you are looking to produce a candy buffet as an alternative to wedding favors, or you fancy setting one up as a surprise birthday gift for someone special, there are many buffet styles to choose from. And the best bit? You can use furniture in your home to create many different candy buffet styles, helping you to create an amazing centerpiece for whatever the occasion.

A candy buffet is a great way to give your guests a choice when it comes to dessert and will also give you the chance to spend less time in the kitchen and more time socializing with your guests.

Here’s some inspiration to help you create the best candy buffets for all occasions.


(via Eat Drink Chic) Use vintage-inspired soup cans and great glasswate to create a 1950s rocking candy store buffet.


(via Best Friends For Frosting) It’s safe to say that everyone loves ice cream as a dessert. It’s a refreshing way to cleanse the palette, there are many flavors to choose from, and it’s a suitable dessert for children too! Creating an ice cream inspired dessert buffet, just like this Neapolitan Ice Cream Dessert Table, could not be easier. Experiment with different flavors or set up an Ice Cream Parlour Buffet for a unique experience.


(Via Melanie Mauer)

As opposed to making one large birthday cake, why not present the birthday boy or girl with a buffet table of cupcakes, macarons, and homemade milkshakes so that your guests can pick and choose their desserts! Placing the cakes on bespoke cake stands is a great way to add a luxury feel to whatever you may be celebrating!


(Via Just Call Me Martha on Hostess With The Mostess)

To really make the candy buffet trend work, it’s essential that you have a statement piece of furniture that can be used in multiple ways. Why not make room in a clear cabinet and display the cakes and treats in there, making it super exciting for your guests to see what’s available and pull out their ultimate delicious treat.

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