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Your choice in color says a lot about who you are and what attracts you–it can reveal your decorative tastes, your fashion choices, and even your dessert preferences. As it turns out, the color you repeat most in your wardrobe is likely the one that best represents your personality. So today,  we decided to take a look at a handful of hues and explore the personal preferences and personality traits they’re most commonly tied to. What’s your color personality?


Honey wearers are restrained, yet creative. They enjoy natural fabrics, the comforts of home, and wood décor. They like to accessorize with fresh palettes and prints: damask, chartreuse, toile, or turquoise. They experiment with different colors, but tend toward shades of beige and white. Honeys are confident and flexible in their style. A honey girl is unassuming and sweet as apple pie, which is probably her favorite dessert!


Greys are subtle, sophisticated, and serene. The grey lovers prefer similar shades ranging from misty blue to off-black. Make no mistake, grey is not dull. The muted tones of their attire and home are the perfect backdrop for some seriously cool accessories and unexpected jewel tones. Greys shy away from the hustle and bustle of life. They would much prefer to take things at their own pace. Nothing satisfies a grey lover’s sweet tooth like a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie or pumpkin pie.


Is there someone in your life who you see living in a prim, country-style home that’s totally polished and linen-scented? This is the blush palette. Blush plays it safe, but maps a border between demure and highly sophisticated. They decorate with a feeling in mind and enjoy indulgence in the form of two delicious scoops of gourmet ice cream. Blushes can navigate their way through trends easily. Elements of their style are always identifiable: wrap dresses, pastels, silk.


Spice palettes reflect exotic tastes. Deep hues of red, blue, bronze, and mustard yellow complement a student of culture and the world. Even if the spice lover isn’t well-traveled, she is well-learned. They have a voracious appetite for cultures and international foods. A spice’s décor is Bohemian, and she enjoys desserts with a kick–a medley of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom are satisfying in anything from apple crisp to gulab jamun.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of color and palettes. For a more complete spectrum, try taking this What’s Your Color Personality? quiz to see where you stand.

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