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Leah Bergman does it all. Currently working as a freelance designer in California, Leah is also a food lover, cocktail shaker, and the blogger behind Freutcake. Freutcake serves as Leah’s outlet for sharing fabulous food and drink recipes, fun DIY projects, and creative beauty and style tips. In our exclusive interview, Leah tells us what she’s serving at her next dinner party, why she loves Instagram, and how it all started with lemon meringue pie.


According to your bio, art and food have always been your passions. Do you believe the two go hand in hand?

I absolutely do! Food in my opinion is just an edible form of art. It’s creating something with your hands; it’s open for interpretation, and best of all, it tastes pretty good too.


You recently hosted a DIY Mother’s Day craft party at Anthropologie. Would you say your style of decorating is similar to Anthropologie’s?

It’s similar but not entirely the same. I love to mix modern and vintage in my own home much like the Anthropologie esthetic. However I think my own decor is a bit more simplistic.


Your blog is full of recipes for mouth-watering appetizers and tempting cocktails. What will you be eating and drinking at your next dinner party?

Probably a simple shrimp with orzo salad, one of my favorite entertaining dishes to serve, along with watermelon & proscecco cocktails. As for desert, homemade lavender honey ice cream.

Cucumber Cooler Cocktails

We see that you’re on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. What’s your favorite social media outlet, and why? 

Instagram is hands down my favorite social media outlet. It’s such a fun way to share little bits of my everyday life quickly without writing an entire blog post. Plus, it gives me the chance to get to know my readers on a more personal level.

Baileys Irish Cream Cupcakes


You say you’ve always had a slight affection for birds due to the pet cockatiel you had as a child. What other inspirations do you draw from your childhood?

Ha! Yes, I loved that bird. It’s funny how much inspiration I draw from my childhood passions. As an adult, not much has changed. I can still remember making my first pie all by myself. I choose lemon meringue since it was, and still is my very favorite. The lemon curd turned out more like lemon flavored scrambled eggs but my family graciously devoured it anyway.


There are so many blogs nowadays. How do you set yourself apart, and what advice do you have for budding bloggers? 

I try to set myself apart by simply being myself. After all there is only one of me! The things I post about on my blog are my real life interests. I would encourage budding bloggers to do the same.

DIY colored mason jars

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