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Looking for a new accessory that doesn’t break the bank for your next photo shoot? Try balloons! Balloons make such a perfect photo prop- whether it’s for a child or an adult.  You can tailor balloons to any occasion- birthdays, weddings, graduation, you name it, there is a balloon out there for it. I got this bouquet of six balloons from the grocery store and it only cost me $5. Now ready for the fun part? Here are six hacks to holding your balloons in fun ways for your photo shoot.


THE SECRET // Pregnant? Moving? New job? Are you announcing a surprise or a secret?  Hiding behind a colorful bouquet of balloons might be just the photo you are looking for to capture your friend’s attention to know what you’re up to.


NOT ATTACHED AT THE HIP // Not feeling too clingy? Hold the balloons away from you.


THE FLOATER // Remember that movie Gone With The Wind? It happens to the best of us. Stand on your tippy toes with one foot while pushing the other foot behind you. Reach up with your hand filled with balloons and let yourself look as if you are floating up to the sky with your balloons.


THE MARILYN //  Feeling a bit Marilyn Monroe? Push down on your dress while using your other hand to hold the balloons naturally.


THE BEST BEHAVIOR // Want perfect balloons that won’t blow all over the place? Walk with the balloons where there is a covered patio or roof.


THE FLIRT // Where you stand can make a huge difference. Stand on something you’re not supposed to stand on to bring your inner flirt out.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY // Milou & Olin 

MAKEUP & HAIR BY // Jenifer Haupt 

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