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Are you like me? Are you super busy? Do you have a million things going on at once?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. We all have a million servings of everything on our plates. But you know what? Sometimes, you need to carve out a little me time. Not a lot. Just enough.

Sometimes, you need to take a step back from the craziness of everyday life and nurture yourself. And guess what? I’ve found an incredible tool for making that possible.

I told you about the Archetype Quiz, right?  After discovering my archetypes (Creative, Caregiver, Performer), I was thrilled to find an entire world of content, curated especially for me, available at my fingertips. I was exposed to interesting articles, helpful how-to content and amazing products—all suited to the different sides of my personality and my various needs as an individual.

Indulging my creative side, I discovered a new line of makeup inspired by impressionist art. Feeding my performer, I read about a recent debate between authors Margaret Atwood and writer Carl Hiaason. Inspiring my care-giving disposition, I learned 5 Easy Ways to Make My Home Fall-Ready. All of it felt so in- tune with my interests and so in-line with my life.

The Daily Me feature of was especially useful for that me time I speak of. With a full time job, being a mother and wife, and various other side projects, I don’t have a lot of extra time to search the web and indulge my interests. That’s where The Daily Me comes in. Instead of clicking through a ton of content every day, The Daily Me does the job for you. It sifts through all of the awesome articles and features and picks out what’s new, fresh and of interest for your archetype. It then posts the content in an easy-to-access place so you don’t have to go looking for anything. It’s all right there, picked out and waiting for you. Easy as pie.

And, if you, like me, find a million cool products you want to buy thanks to the Archetype shopping section (like this beautiful bracelet, these adorable booties), but, let’s be honest, can’t afford at this very moment, your ME board is the perfect place to make a wish list. Simply add the Archetype ME button to your bookmarks bar and tag different items. When you do get that bonus at work? Time to make a dent in your Archetype shopping list! You can also share items on your board with others (say, if a birthday is coming up and your best friend is in need of gift suggestions).

What do I love most about The learning experience. Now that I know that I am 43% Creative, 19% Caregiver, and 38% Performer, I can read more about what that actually means. has a ton of cool material about each individual archetype. I learned about iconic performers, creatives, and caregivers throughout history. I learned what animals are associated with each of my archetypes. And I learned that there are actually archetype horoscopes (scarily accurate). Please included links to the articles you mention

Take the plunge! Find out: What’s Yours? And be prepared to be immersed in a whole new world of possibility, designed just for you. Make sure to add me as a friend and check out my ME board so we can share awesome content together.

Bonus: Take the quiz, discover your archetypes, and enter to win a $50 Visa Card in the #whatsyours sweepstakes. Win-win, I say! Simply, share your results wheel via social media and include the hashtags: #BFFF #archetypes #whatyours. Check out my wheel for an example. Upload a photo of the wheel here.

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Archetypes.

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