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As you well know, we’re all about celebration here at BFFF. And we just love to meet others in this creative industry who share that same feeling. Jessica of The Confetti Bar is just that party person! She’s so colorful, full of life, and we definitely bonded over our love for confetti and glitter! Jessica even created the custom confetti packages we sent out for our #BFFFRELAUNCH Instragram Party! Read on to find out more about Jessica’s design inspiration, her favorite products, and her creative bucket list!



You married your best friend and partner in colorful crime, Cliff Huizenga, in an incredible Carnival-themed wedding a year ago!  Tell us about the special day and what some of your favorite design elements were from the event.

As soon as we got engaged, Cliff and I knew we wanted a wedding that was fun and unique – something that truly reflected who we are.  We basically wanted a big party where all our friends and family could come to celebrate, and what’s more fun than a carnival?  I obviously loved how colorful everything was, from the tablecloths to the garlands, right on down to my dress, but I have to say that my absolute favorite part was our magical balloon drop that floated down as we shared our first married kiss!



Your whimsical and colorful designs take us back to really fond memories of being a child of the 80s and being obsessed with Rainbow Bright, Gem and the Holograms, and the My Little Ponies.  Where do you find your design inspiration, and when did you start developing your signature style?

Ever since I can remember I have always been a huge fan of color, and growing up Lisa Frank was definitely one of my favorites! (The 90s were more my era!) While I’ve always loved making things and dabbling in different arts (from oil painting to jewelry making), it’s really only been the last couple of years that I have started to define my “signature” style. I’m currently obsessed with clean, simple designs that have bright pops of color, but I think it will constantly be a work in progress, as my tastes and interests are always evolving – but I think glitter and lots of color will always be a part of who I am.



What are some of your favorite products that you are currently featuring at The Confetti Bar right now and can we please talk about the Confetti Wands???

I think my “Unicorn Dandruff” confetti is probably one of my all-time favorites so far, but I’m also really digging the art prints I’ve created.  I’ve been really fascinated with photography lately, and I think they are a fun way to capture some of the magic I like to envision confetti brings to everyday objects.  And the confetti wands are always a good time!! While they are the only item in my shop that I do not hand make myself, I became super obsessed the first time I used them and knew I had to have more!



We’re guessing that you have a special love of holidays since they are an opportunity to pull out all of the stops and really go for the wow-factor with décor. What are your favorite holidays to celebrate, and what are some of your favorite holiday décor ideas?

I love a good theme, so really every holiday has its own special traditions and styles that I love for different reasons. Since my birthday is on Halloween, it kind of holds a special place for me, but since I’m not so much into overly creepy or scary things, Christmas is really the holiday I love for going all out! I’ve been absolutely loving the trend for a more colorful holiday, with white trees and bright colors, but if I’m being honest our house really skews more towards a vintage / traditional Christmas.  We love to use all the old ornaments that have been passed down through the years, and some of my best memories come from the holidays so I like the idea of recreating my childhood in a way. But I do also have some sparkly foam trees covered in glitter and sequins that I like to put out, and we also like to have fun and embrace the cheesy/tacky aspects of the season, too! I guess with every holiday I just love to combine older traditions with new memories, and of course any reason to celebrate is a good idea in my book!


Your personal blog, Love Colorful, encourages people to take part in random acts of kindness and making people smile seems to be a way of life for you.  What is the last thing that made you smile?

Reading some of the awesome comments people leave me about how confetti makes them so happy!



You have such a full life both personally and professionally.  What are a few things that are still on your bucket list and what sparkly and colorful adventures are up next on the horizon for you?

Oh I still have tons of stuff I’d love to do, and as if working full time, blogging, starting a new business, and being a newlywed aren’t enough, I’m also starting to pursue a career in makeup artistry, something that has always been a secret dream of mine.  I live to be inspired and creative, and at this point believe in taking every opportunity to do something that makes you happy.  If I could live out the rest of my days with my husband and family, spreading confetti all around and making people smile, I would consider myself a very lucky girl, but I also want to experience as much as I can and am excited to see where life takes me, one step at a time.


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    1. Jessica Huizenga

      Thanks so much for this lovely little post!!
      And a big thank you to Kelly from That Girl… (hair), Adriana from The Beauty Bar (makeup), and Evelyn Henson for the gorgeous custom Confetti Bar print! <33

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