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Today we’re highlighting this creative Salty Tang Salad from Two Spoons! It’s that time of year when you want to heat up your home with the warmth of an oven.  This Salty Tang Salad is a perfect way to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients into your diet.  You can get all your ingredients at a local farmers’ market.  The heartiness of root vegetables (potatoes, beets) is lightened up with feta, mint, and sumac.  This dish is not only healthy but a great addition to your fall recipe collection.  Sumac is a Middle Eastern spice and not the easiest to find, but if you prefer a different spice, that’s quite alright.  Although, I hear lemon zest with a little salt makes a reasonable stand-in.  As with all recipes, feel the need to improvise and maybe add toasted pepitas or sunflower seeds for crunch. Enjoy!

Salty Tang Salad Recipe via Two Spoons

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