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Nothing tastes (or smells!) more perfect around the holidays than homemade mulled apple cider. It’s warm and sweet, but is also infused with special spices and flavors that make it potent and irresistible. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to make. Read on for a classic mulled apple cider recipe. Keep in mind that this cider is particularly fine with a splash of brandy or rum added in on a cold winter night!

Hot Apple Cider Tikkido (11 of 12)


One large jug of regular apple juice (96 oz)
—One lemon
—One lime
—One orange
—Cinnamon sticks
—Whole allspice
—Whole cloves
—1/4 cup brown sugar


Hot Apple Cider Tikkido (1 of 12)

1. The easiest fix-and-forget way to make mulled cider is with an old fashioned coffee percolator. If you don’t have one available, never fear, just throw the ingredients in a pot on the stove or in a crock pot to simmer.


2. Slice the citrus fruits thinly, and layer them in the top basket of the percolator. Add the brown sugar and spices.


3. Pour the apple juice in, put the lid on the percolator, plug in, and forget. The percolator does all the work, turns the heating element off when it’s ready, and keeps the mulled apple cider at the perfect temperature for your guests.


No Christmas party would be complete without this enticing scent greeting guests as they come in from the cold.


The fresh citrus blend really makes the flavor bright and interesting—even more so than using commercial mulling spice mixtures with dried orange peel.

What do you like to add to your cider?

Photos and recipe by Nikki of Tikkido.

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