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Updating your work space doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks. Simple DIY projects can add shine and sophistication and make you look forward to working every day! Whether it’s a corner office, at-home office, or the vastly underrated cubicle, you can transform your work space into a dream space. With the help of some of our favorite DIY inspirations collected here, the sky (or the sparkle) is the limit!

Leather wrapped pencil cups are sleek and simple. Using both gold and silver creates a chic look that will have everyone dying to borrow a pen just so they can steal a glance! (via Creature Comforts)


Sparkle in the work space can be right at your fingertips with this polka dot DIY suede and gold leaf mousepad. (via Lovely Indeed)


This ombre-dyed cork board featured earlier on BFFF is a perfect way to add a pop of playfulness and professionalism to your office. Personalize it with your favorite color! (via Best Friends For Frosting)


Get resourceful and repurpose an old shoe box and empty toilet paper rolls into a marker caddy. A cute design like polka dots, mini hearts, or chevron stripes will complete the look! (via Aunt Peaches)


Use washi tape to glam up your everyday No. 2 pencil. Mix and match patterns to fit every mood! (via Hank and Hunt)


Take your leftover washi tape and add it to your desk in your choice of pattern to customize the surface. (via Dwellings By DeVore)

How will you make your office space unique?



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