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Whether we would like to admit it or not, at some point in time, we have all fat talked before. We’ve talked about ourselves negatively, and put ourselves down because of our weight and appearance. I can personally say that I’m guilty of it, but with the help of Special K, we’re beginning to fight it together!

We’re partnering with Special K to shut down Fat Talk, and we urge you to join us!

Fat Talk is all about the negative dialogue that women have about their own bodies, as well as the bodies of others. It’s absolutely contagious, and has become a totally normal part of female culture, but it has to stop. Fat Talk can lead to such an unhealthy body image for women, whether you’re focusing on those jeans that don’t fit quite right or your double chin.

It’s wild to know that 93% of women admit to engaging in Fat Talk, and 63% admit to doing it at least once a week. When they hear others engaging in Fat Talk, 62% of other women will join in, and 70% say that they talk about themselves in a negative way. Those stats are far too high!

Women are most likely to Fat Talk when in front of a mirror, while out with the girls, or in a dressing room while shopping, and I can completely say I’m guilty about fat talking in all three of those spots, which is such a shame. It’s time for me, and all other women, to realize that fat talking is a huge issue in female culture that needs to be addressed. Once the issue is recognized and resolved, women will be better able to manage weight loss and feel great about themselves!

So many women think it’s better to criticize themselves before anyone else does, saying that they acknowledge their flaws, but we shouldn’t be thinking about that at all! We should be embracing our bodies, our personalities, and every other beautiful thing about us.

Here are some tips from Special K to stop the Fat Talk:

1. Think before you speak.

2. Change the conversation once Fat Talk comes up.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other women.

4. Say something you like about yourself every time you self-criticize.

By following these tips, and having a more positive outlook, we can silence the negativity and fight Fat Talk! Once we shut down Fat Talk, we can better focus on weight loss success. Women who feel positive and optimistic about their weight management ultimately reported better success, whether trying to lose or maintain their weight.

Start focusing on your health and your happiness, rather than those pesky things that make you feel fat. Fight Fat Talk and shut it down!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Special K.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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