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chocolate-mascarpone-cake-berriesWe focus so much on how food tastes that it’s easy to overlook how important the styling of a dish can be. Presentation counts! It’s amazing what a colorful plate, a dash of herbs, or a bit of twine can do to take a meal from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ve rounded up 12 food styling ideas to give your dishes that little extra bite.

If sweetness is what you’re after, try presenting your cake frosted in layers like this one! (via Call Me Cupcake)



 Here’s a savory look: try serving a butternut squash soup with fresh sprigs of sage and a float of heavy cream. (via Cafe Johnsonia)


Maybe you’re looking to entertain for brunch! Try displaying your ingredients on a cutting board for a rustic and inviting cooking experience. (via Design Love Fest)


Speaking of breakfast, try serving things like peanut or maple butter in colorful bowls to add a pop of color. (via Kitchen Heals Soul)


Contrast works well through the gorgeous grill marks on this Sriracha sweet corn. (via Camille Styles)


Want to add contrast beyond the plate? Try pairing a fun tablecloth with an ingredient in your dish to bring the subtle colors out. (via Cooking Classy)


Simple presentation is sometimes best, like laying out oysters neatly on ice. (via Camille Styles)


Check out the gentle contrast that soft green creates against this acorn squash and sweet potato soup. (via Tartlette)


We’re not all about subtlety! Bright and fiery cupcakes and matching cutlery make a standout style. (via Heather Saffer and Best Friends for Frosting)


Make your dessert elegant by serving a classic favorite on a vintage plate. (via Ritzy Bee)


Try serving your drinks and hors d’oeuvres together to create a contrast in textures and sizes. (via Style Me Pretty)


Not to be outdone, dessert can also be a surprising size. Try serving individual pies rather than slices at your next party! (via A Subtle Revelry)

Which food styling idea will you try at your next get-together?

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