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Every day we see beautiful photos in magazines and on the web of ordinary objects looking somehow timeless, classic, and beautiful. Have you ever wanted to capture these moments in your own life? We’ve rounded up several prop styling ideas to make simple tasks like cooking dinner and pouring drinks memorable and fun. Whether you’re making breakfast for one or entertaining a large group, these ideas will match the glamour you bring to the party!

Combine different colors of balloons to create a whimsical bouquet for your next social gathering. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


Instead of serving yogurt for brunch, offer up the ingredients in different sized bowls of the same color for your guests to serve themselves. (via V. K. Rees Photography)



Baking can become modern art if you portion ingredients into geometric designs! (via



Dinner can take on a carefree theme with this fresh pasta sauce photographed with cloves of garlic, recipe cards, and a corkscrew. (via V. K Rees Photography)



You can let objects tell the story for you with these FUN dice at game night. (via The Every Girl)


Try letting your fresh herbs garnish your countertop and your breakfast. (via My Little 365 Images)



Display your craft supplies openly to make your home feel warm and creative. (via Faves Wardi)



Display garden bounties in baskets and jars for a farm-to-table feel. (via Gourmade in the Kitchen)



Use decanters and gilded glasses to glam up your drinks! (via Style Me Pretty)



Serve picnic dishes on cheese boards for a rustic, natural presentation. (via The Thinking Tank)

What’s your perfect prop style idea? Sound off in the comments!

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