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Following the What’s Your Color Personality quiz, we bring you What’s Your Fragrance Personality!

Believe it or not, your choice in fragrance alludes to your inner spirit. For example, scent beads of patchouli are favorites of earthy, eco-conscious, nature nurturers, while stronger floral scents are associated with prim society women. If you’re looking to express your passion, check out these three fragrance categories that may appeal to you.

You are warm and inviting with a spirit of goodness, and have a passion for proclaiming what is right. Be it animal rights, healing the earth, or social justice, you just care. Your fragrance collection includes earthy, refreshing, and sometimes fruity scents. Whether fragrance or oil, you are not one to be tied down to one particular smell. When you find something you like, you use it! For your olfactory pleasure, try Benefit’s Maybe Baby.

Top notes: apricot and white ginger.
Middle notes: fresh water blossoms of cyclamen, lychee, and bergamot.
Base notes: white musk, Himalayan poppy, and warm peach.

You’ve got the heart for competition. You like being active, whether that means exploring the great outdoors or following a full calendar that could make anyone’s head spin. You’re a wildcat, ready for fun and always ready to roar. Your fragrance collection is strong but mellow. The fragrance you’d choose (besides your shampoo moisturizer or body spray) is Clinique Happy Heart.

Top notes: mandarin orange, cassia, and cucumber.
Middle notes: carrot and water hyacinth.
Base notes: sandalwood and white woods.

The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to… expose your inner vixen! Whether you use it for a date night or just as a daily extension of your charm, your fragrance says “you should know me. I am unforgettable.” You like control. Your entrances and exits are noticed. Your sensuality is not girly or stifled, but firmly rooted as part of your personality. A great fragrance choice is spicy and sumptuous, like Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom.

Top notes: orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot, and lemon.
Middle notes: carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds, and rose.
Base notes: amber, musk, and oakmoss.

Want more? Try taking this What’s Your Fragrance Personality? quiz to see where you stand.

Graphics created by Meredith Carty for Best Friends For Frosting


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