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As much as we gush over glitter and patterns, we’ve got a special place in our hearts for the plain white tee. There’s just so many ways to style it! Or if the rest of your outfit already says “look at me,” it’s the perfect finishing touch that won’t overwhelm. Today our exclusive contributor, Kachet Jackson of The Lipstick Giraffe, has three great tips for styling a white tee in any occasion. Here’s what Kachet has to say:

“The white tee. Oh so simple, yet so challenging. It’s a plain canvas ready for so many different possibilities. Does the thought of styling a white tee frustrate you and make you push the shirt even further down in the drawer? Gone are the days of a boring white tee when there are so many different ways to make yours stand out. If you find yourself a bit challenged, here are three ways to make your white tee the star at a party, at the office or on a casual weekend day.”

White tee and sequins? Of course. In this outfit, the gold sequins are the star of the stage and your accessories are the supporting cast. Dainty earrings of color along with a fur scarf and you’re ready to go before you can even say “cocktail party.”


Maybe your employee manual forbids tees at work. Well, your HR department just has not been adventurous with their tees in the past! A white tee works well under a blazer. Opt to tuck in your shirt in your pencil skirt, or in your trousers to show off a colorful belt. Don’t forget a necklace to bring it all together.


Turn your white tee into a casual daytime look by pairing it with some boyfriend jeans and booties. The booties will give you a little bit of a “lift” in otherwise slouchy jeans. Depending on your style, throw on a hat or tie a scarf on your head to stand out in the crowd.

Use these three looks as inspiration to find your own white tee flavor!


Which look will you try out first?

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    2. Joy and Sunshine

      My mouth dropped open at the first look! The white tee takes down the glam level just enough to make it cool-girl, too. Very nice combinations here, and thanks for the styling tips :-)

    3. Cafe Naki

      Oh my gosh! I love all the looks just like I love all things Lipstick Giraffe!! WERK!!!!!!


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