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It’s time to bring on something new, fresh, and exciting! We’re talking about a new app for your iOS device, and you’ll absolutely love it! Foodie is serving up a new recipe app called FoodieTV to assist you in the kitchen, or anywhere else you wish to celebrate your love of food. It’s a new app aiming to inspire you with food stories you’ll absolutely love.  They’re serving up fantastic, bite-sized culinary morsels in video form for those of you using an iPad or iPhone.

Each week, FoodieTV is coming out with 5 brand new new short food videos featuring a beautiful and engaging story about food, whether it focuses on a farmer, a forager, or a chef.


When we downloaded the app, we fell in love with episode 13-  Going Local. We would definitely give it an academy award! The story brought us right to the food source, and it was so inspiring! We learned the importance of eating locally, how it differs for different communities, and how beneficial it can be for our community, and our bodies!

It’s so important to learn about the food that we put in our bodies, especially with so many choices out there right now. We all find it difficult to know what’s right for our bodies and what we absolutely need to stay away from, and FoodieTV is helping with that. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your body is to learn about the food you’re putting in it! It can make a huge difference.


We absolutely love these beautiful stories, and we know that you will too! Download the FoodieTV app today by following this link: http://alau.me/r0b0tw

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Foodie.

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