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We’ve all heard that “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but could that possibly be true? In certain instances, some would agree. For others, this popular saying simply needs a little fine tuning.

Sometimes we tend to get lost along the path of success. Our expectations begin to outshine our actual input into things we want to accomplish. In our minds, we see a place that we want to reach, but we spend too much time daydreaming about how great that place would be instead of putting in the effort necessary to get there. We confess – we’ve all been there! That’s why we want to remind you to water that grass in your life. Green it up by prioritizing, balancing your time wisely, and backing up those dreams with hard work and determination. Writing out a plan will help get you back in the saddle and down the trail!

Whenever you start to dream about that perfect “other side,” just remember the truth behind it. You might even want to carry the quote around or pass it to a friend who needs a pick-me-up!


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