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Sometimes good things come in small packages, and we’ve got proof! Today we have a lovely mini cheesecake tartlets recipe by Linda of The Organic Kitchen. Filled to the brim with cheeses and topped with whatever jam suits your fancy, these little treats can satisfy a large crowd. Check out what Linda has to say and get the recipe below:

“I love tiny desserts. The smaller the better. That way I can have a taste without over doing it. Although I must admit I had four of these. I had to taste every flavor, you know, to make sure they were delicious…for you. I make these “Mini Cheesecake Tartlets” in Mini Fillo Shells. I buy them from Whole Foods Market. Then I fill them with deliciousness. Cream cheese, goat cheese, sugar, and vanilla paste and bake them until the center is set and the fill dough is crispy. Then I top them an a dab of gourmet jam or lemon curd…fig for winter, lemon curd for spring, apricot for summer, and raspberry for fall. It’s the perfect dessert for feeding a crowd! One recipe makes 48 mini tartlets.”



(Makes enough to fill 48 Mini Fillo cups. For best results all ingredients should be room temperature.)

—48 mini fillo cups ( found in the freezer section)
—8 oz cream cheese, room temp
—8 oz soft goat cheese, room temp
—3/4 cups sugar
—2 eggs, room temp
—1 tsp vanilla pasta (or extract, but I prefer paste)
—Your favorite jam or lemon curd for topping


1. Preheat oven to 350. Set oven rack in center position.

2. Place fillo cups on a parchment covered cookie sheet and set aside.

3. Use a mixer to blend goat cheese and cream cheese till smooth, scraping down sides of mixer as needed. Add all other ingredients and mix well.

4. Use a small spoon to fill each fill cup.

5. Bake for 22-24 minutes, till centers are set and fillo cup is cripsy. Allow to cool, then dab of your favorite jam or lemon curd in the center of each cup. Keep refrigerated till serving.

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