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Ever looked at that one piece of your wardrobe you just love and wished it was the right season to wear it? We certainly have! Believe it or not, there is a way around this problem. Our contributor Kelli of From Sneakers to Stilettos is here to tell us how to incorporate your favorite winter midi into your spring and summer looks! Here’s what Kelli has to say:

“For any fashionista, it’s a little sad when we move into a new season and a favorite item from the past season gets left in the dust. That is THIS skirt. A midi skirt with sequins was the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe. But, especially in the south, winter is too short and warmer weather sneaks up on us quickly! So it was clear that this skirt needed to make an appearance (or many) in the spring! It’s easier than one thinks and everyone should be brave enough to do it. Need some help? Say no more. Here are some tips to bring a winter sequin midi skirt into spring.”


First, why not add a bit of color with some pink earrings?


A long necklace is an easy way to add a laid back feel to your look.


Go for a soft shade of lipstick, like pale pink!


Incorporate spring fabrics and colors. Choose a soft, light shirt with a bit of an open back to complete your look!

Make everything around that winter piece feels light. It’s easy and worth it! Filling up your closet has never seemed more reasonable and now your favorite winter skirt doesn’t have to be banished to the back of the closet when the weather warms up!

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