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Spring is such an uplifting season! It’s the perfect time to literally “rise and shine,” a.k.a. give yourself a boost out of the dullness that cold weather often brings us (both in mind and in wardrobe). The days are warming up, the sun is staying out longer, and we no longer need to sleep under heavy blankets… unless we’ve got the A.C. blasting. So it’s high time that you gear up, get out there, and start refreshing your life!This may not be a huge surprise to our readers, but one of our favorite parts of this time of year is spring cleaning. If you’ve been hesitant to tackle your huge closet– or or your small closet that’s way overstuffed– it’s only because you haven’t parsed it out yet! The phrase “divide and conquer” has never rung so true as when you separate your clothes into manageable piles. Setting up stacks also lets you gain a fresh perspective on which pieces you really can’t live without, and which have been pushed to the side one too many times. And don’t think that all your winter clothes have to be stored away. Try sprucing up your spring outfits with winter pieces, like light knotted scarves.


Once you’ve got that perfect spring outfit ready, you’re well on your way to refreshing your whole lifestyle. Now all you need is that perfect energy boost to uplift your mood– and satisfy your taste buds! Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee is a simple, high-quality drink that helps you get focused and conquer that midday slump, perk you up for an exciting road trip adventure with friends, or get some fashion inspiration. The chilled coffee is made from 100 percent arabica beans and mixed with reduced fat milk, and for the calorie counters out there, the drinks range between a light 50-120 calories a bottle!Pick up these drinks in four sweet flavors (iced coffee +milk, low calorie iced coffee + milk, vanilla, or caramel) at convenience, drug, or grocery stores for quick on the-go refreshment. Or simply take them back home for some chilled inspiration as you tackle that closet and refresh your mind and body for spring. You can literally drink Starbucks in style! Its smaller size gives you the perfect caffeine boost without leaving you feeling jittery, and the sweet and creamy taste is miles away from the bitterness that usually gets associated with coffee.

Will you drink yours on the go or at home during your spring cleaning sesh?


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Starbucks Coffee Company via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Starbucks Coffee Company.

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