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10 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Store

With over 850,000 stores on Etsy.com, Etsy has turned crafting and DIYing into a thriving business for users all over the world.  It’s quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for wedding planning, personalized home décor, and so much more.  In just a few simple steps, you can create your very own Etsy store and start selling your own products right away!

Already have an Etsy store, but not sure how to spread the word? Read below for our ten tips on how to promote your Etsy store using a platform you already use everyday: social media.


1) Build your brand and followers: Create business social media pages just for your brand and keep them separate from your personal account.  Encourage current customers to like, follow, and pin items from your store.  Include links to your social media outlets in thank you letters, on invoices, and in links all over your Etsy Store.  Ask your current customers and friends to spread the word with their friends.


2) Keep your fans engaged: Remember that content is king on social media. Users will only engage with brands they find interesting, so be unique and creative.  Establish what makes your brand and store different and be vocal about it.  Be sure to involve your fans in the creation process, encourage engagement, ask for opinions, and share your ideas.  Give your fans a sneak peek into your creative process that they can’t experience anywhere else.


3) Make them feel special: Keep your followers up to date on new product listings, always linking back to your Etsy store.  Build excitement by using countdowns, unveilings, or announcing that a best selling product is back in stock.  Build and create a sense of urgency when a product is close to being sold out.  Offer special promotions and discounts only to fans to reward them for being such loyal customers.


4) Cross-promote with brands: Engage with other brands, bloggers, and stores you admire and would want to partner with. Initiate conversation, cross-promote, share posts, and establish relationships via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


5) Give customers another way to shop: Consider testing a Facebook store as an additional way to drive sales. Learn more about the Facebook store app from Shopify here.


6) Advertise: Use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your Etsy store.  Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform makes it easy to create an ad without a spend commitment. Learn how to get started by visiting the Facebook for Business website.


7) Pin: Make your Pinterest boards as good  (or better) than your store.  Pin daily, if possible, and be sure to use keywords that describe your products in order to make your pins more discoverable.  Always link pins back to your Etsy store.


8) Get creative on Instagram: Use your Instagram profile to build your store in a creative and more visual way.  Use hashtags to allow users to easily discover your brand.  Include a link back to your store in your profile information and include product numbers or product names in each product post so that the user can easily search for each product after leaving the app.


9) Refine your store’s SEO: Search engine optimization, although not necessarily part of social media, is very important.  Using clear and concise titles, multiple images and searchable keywords are just a few ways to ensure your store receives visitors through search.  Read the Etsy blog for different ways to optimize your Etsy store for SEO.


10) Etsy’s Apps: Want to learn more about advertising on other online platforms or how to better format your store?  Check out the list great apps in the Etsy app store to help optimize and promote your store here.


Let us know what social media outlet you have found the most success with when promoting your Etsy store!

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    1. Mandi @ DIYCraftPhotography

      Such great advice! When it feels like you’re carpet-bombing the Internet with your shop, you’re doing it right. Beyond Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, DeviantArt has also been a good place for me to find buyers.

    2. vinvinxm

      Very useful. I opened etsy shop more than 2 years. Still can get some useful idea.

    3. LovyHouse

      Great advice. our shop started for 8 years and still trying to get more buyers

    4. Kayla

      Great Etsy tips! As a one woman show I find it hard to manage all the social media, but I find when I do put the effort in it really pays off.

    5. Jennifer

      Hi, thank you for all the tips!

      I also want to share a little bit… I’ve recently started an Instagram account for my etsy shop, and noticed that there are many opportunities to promote ETSY store through instagram.

      The simpliest one will be finding an instagram account who are wiling to do a shoutout for your shop, for example http://etsynch.com/, http://craftyfever.com or http://huntinghandmade.com/

      Some of them are paid, but some free! And there are a lot of them, really!

    6. Philip

      I’ve been blasting my etsy items all over, not much staying power. With a few suggestions here I should be doing much better in the coming weeks, many thanks for the ideas!

    7. Alida

      Build Audience, Automate your social sharing on platforms like Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wanelo, etc.

      I have been using Outfy as a tool and it worked great for me.

    8. James Christian

      One unique way of advertising for an online business like etsy is to build a local market. DIY is really big right now, so if you can turn your products into a DIY project for someone else to work on, you can host DIY workshops (or craft parties) in your town. This can be used in tandem with etsy shops to build buzz and interest and develop your brand. It also drives people to your shop (and helps generate side revenue through the parties, which is always a plus).

      Lacy Fitzpatrick did a great interview where she explained how she built up her local brand through these workshops. (Interview here if anyone is interested: http://www.collegealternative.net/diy-workshop-business-lacy-fitzpatrick/

    9. Danielle

      Just wanted to share.. I’ve been using Instagram to promote my products and I’ve noticed more visits on my store. There are Instagrammers like @etsybestprintables which curates beautiful products for free, so I’d applyed for it and got my product featured on their profile and showed to their followers. :)


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