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Facebook Organic Engagement

If you are an avid user of Facebook and use Facebook for your business, you may have noticed that in the last six months or so your brand’s post and page reach and engagement has been declining. In a Facebook blog post, the social media giant mentioned that on any given day there are an average of 1,500 possible stories that Facebook can show to a user, and that the competition for each News Feed story is increasing.
Although 1,500 stories a day per user seems like a large number, when you think of all the other brands competing for a spot in your fans’ news feeds, along with the fact that Facebook automatically shows friends’ updates first and brands’ updates last, the likelihood of your brand showing up in someone’s news feed organically is decreasing.
A way to solve the decreasing reach and engagement that your brand is experiencing is to invest in Facebook advertising so that more of the right people see your content. However, not all of us smaller brands have the extra money to spend on advertising. So, how can you get your brand back in your fans’ news feeds? It’s all about posting great content and following a few simple tricks!

Facebook Traffic

Here are five easy tips to help increase organic reach and engagement on Facebook for your business:

1) Share high-quality photos
-Photo posts always get more engagement than any other type of post on Facebook, if you are
able and it aligns with your brand and content strategy, share a photo in almost every post.
-Photos should be representative of your brand and contain little-to-no text (unless you’re
sharing a high-quality quote)
-High quality product shots, inspirational photos featuring people, and photos that evoke positivity
perform best.
-Want to share a photo and a link to your product? Upload a great photo and attach a shortened
link in the post text ( I prefer to use bit.ly for link shortening ) so fans can click and purchase your
amazing product.
2) Engage and tag other brands in your posts
-Facebook rewards engagement with other brands.
-Tagging another brand in your post allows your reach to extend past your own fan base and also
reach a percentage of the fans of the brand that you tag: See this article from Mashable for more
information on this cross-tagging update.
-Now I bet you are wondering when it’s okay to tag a brand? Tagging a brand is always
encouraged if you have worked with a brand on a specific project, or are sharing something from
another brand’s website, or even sharing a photo that another brand created. Tagging a brand is
a great way to cross-promote and say a quick “thank you” for their content!
-See below for an example of how Nordstrom did a great job of tagging another brand, using a
high quality photo AND including a shortened link for fans to purchase the product:


3) Be timely & culturally relevant
-Is there a certain event or holiday coming up that would appeal to your fan base? Maybe it’s the
Oscars, the MTV Movie Awards, or breaking celebrity news story that just broke that your fan
base HAS to know about,
-Post related content to current events and tie it back to your brand in a time sensitive manner.
Whether you are a sharing an Easter themed cupcake recipe, asking your fan base’s opinion on
what a celebrity wore down the red carpet, or live posting after the premier of your favorite
show ( hello, Mad Men ) if it’s relevant to them, engagement will increase.
4) Post when your fans are online
-Let’s say you are a California based business, but the majority of your fans and customers are on
the East Coast. You may share a morning-themed post around 8AM, but what you don’t realize is
that it’s already close to noon where your fans live and they are well divulged into their work
day, and may not necessarily be checking their Facebook
-Use page insights to see when your fan base is online and schedule your posts accordingly.
-How to access page insights: On your business’s Facebook page, you will notice on the top right,
a button that says “see insights”; click to access insights, and click under “posts” to find out the
time of the day your fans are online the most.
5) Ask questions
-This may seem simple, but often brands post without asking any opinions, questions or
suggestions from their fans.
-A simple and clear call to action, will spark engagement and increase the organic reach of your
-Steer clear of asking people to “like” your post, because that can appear spammy, but do focus
on questions that align back to your brand.
-For example, at Best Friends For Frosting, we may ask your opinion on what your favorite 2014
Spring trend is, or what your favorite gluten-free cupcake recipe is, when we share posts in
regards to these two topics.

-Ask questions that your audience will find relevant and will want to engage with and always
respond to your fans, no matter what their feedback is.


We know first-hand how frustrating it can be for a business to post to Facebook and hope that someone
sees it. We hope that these steps will help alleviate some frustration and keep your fans engaged!

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