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When it comes to back to school shopping, every child has a list. They’ve seen what other kids are wearing, and have a clear idea of what they like and don’t like, no matter their age. Today, we’re thrilled to have our founder, Melissa Johnson, sharing her experience as she goes back to school shopping with her son. He’s as clever and creative as they get, and definitely knows exactly what kind of style he wants to rock as he goes back to school! Melissa and Charlie had a fun afternoon out going back to school shopping at JCPenny, finding all of the coolest pieces for him. Here’s what Melissa has to say:

Back to school shopping was one of my favorite “holidays” growing up because my parents would always give me a budget and give me creative freedom to buy whatever I wanted.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies by.  Here I am a decade and a lot of change later, and I find myself smack in the middle of JCPenny taking my 4-year-old, Mister Charlie, back to school shopping.  Charlie’s entering his last year of preschool and he’s outgrown all of his pants and nearly half of his shirts.  He’s already wearing a 5T!  As his style is changing and evolving, he’s been a little too cool for “Sesame Street Shirts” and is now all about Ninja Turtles.  Luckily, Charlie loves shopping and is exceptionally creative.

He had a ball shopping at JCPenny.  In under an hour, we scored 2 jackets, 10 shirts, 7 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes all for $201.00 (including tax).  I repeat, 19 new items of clothing–  True story!  Between sales and deals, we saved $167.  This morning we had a back to school fashion show where Charlie picked out his top 2 favorite outfits. With bugs, stripes, and vibrant pops of color, Charlie is all geared up to live out loud in color, patterns, and style.
jcpenny back to school sale 2
Another thing that fascinated me was how many top brands they carry.  We were over the moon excited to see they carry Vans… like the fun Vans for kids!  I’ve had my eye on these Shark Vans for over a year and we were thrilled to see they were only $27 (regular price) at JCPenny. They even have a cute tail on the back. Charlie was so excited that he wore them to school today to share with his class for “Show and Tell.” Knowing him, he’ll probably give them a name.
jcpenny back to school sale
He is obsessed with his new green ADIDAS jacket.  Green is his favorite color.  He wanted to wear it to preschool today but we still have a little summer heat, so I told him he has to wait until next month.  He is so excited!  Back to school shopping at JCPenny was an absolute success.  We’ve done a lot of fun sponsored posts with brands in the past, but being wholeheartedly honest, this was one of our all-time favorites. And with deals and style in mind, we would be thrilled to do it again!  Still can’t believe all of those deals, quality brands, and adorable clothes!!
When It Fits, You Feel It.

Compensation was provided by JCPenney via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of JCPenney.

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