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Today we’re thrilled to have Molly Allen, owner of CakeFYI in Ellensburg, Washington and our Managing Editor, sharing more about the path she took to opening her own bakery. As a young entrepreneur, her journey was full of obstacles and questions, but she’s here to tell you all about how she overcame them. Here’s what she has to say:

When it comes to being a bakery owner, your friends and family can get a little bit confused. Why are you waking up so early? Why are you there 14 hours a day? How are you going to handle all of this? Aren’t you too young for this?

These were all questions I got from my friends and family before I opened my business. And at first, I kind of shook them off. I didn’t think that my friends and family may just simply not understand what I’m doing and why I’m choosing to do it. But really they just didn’t understand it because they have never experienced the same things that I have.


As unique, creative individuals, we all have different passions. Some of us are multi-faceted, and some of us prefer to stick to one hobby. Whether you’re all about fashion, interior design, make up, hair, food, drinks, or any other passion, the way you feel about it is entirely unique. And what you choose to do with that passion is entirely up to you, but know that you will have others questioning you along the way.

Here at BFFF, we are passionate about encouraging others to set goals and to achieve them. There’s nothing more important than making things happen! But, unless your family and friends are just as passionate about a certain niche as you are, they will never understand until they walk a day in your shoes.

Prior to opening my own bakery, I worked in a corporate grocery store bakery. It was great experience that I have brought with me to my own shop, and I would have never known what it was like to work in a bakery without it. Because of all of the questions I was asked, I was sure to invite all of my family and friends to my bakery opening to see just how special this was to me. My mom and grandma helped in the kitchen, my sister helped at the counter, and my dad even played his guitar on our stage throughout the day! They watched as I ran around the store a bit frazzled, but I had a smile on my face the entire time. And because of that experience they completely understood. They saw how important the experience was to me, how passionate I am about succeeding, and thanked me for allowing them to share that with me.



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