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Need a bit of inspiration to get your own self-care practice going? We’re here to help! We’re thrilled to have Mona Lisa Ondevilla, an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, sharing tips and tricks with us today. Here’s what she has to say:

When was the last time you took a self-care moment just for you? Checking your Facebook, mindlessly scrolling through your iPhone, multi-tasking, and shopping doesn’t count… ok, maybe conscious shopping counts! But seriously, if you’re like the majority of the go-getting, hard-working super women I know, you likely jam-pack your days with work and errands, with hardly a moment to yourself. The thing is, we’re not built like computers. We have to breathe, enjoy the sunshine, and take part in activities that fuel us so we can better take care of ourselves (and by extension, everyone we come into contact with). Always being in a state of movement and chaos is unsustainable to our well-being, and flat out draining.


Self Care: Attitudes and actions that contribute to happiness, balance, and well-being.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your own self-care practice. Neglecting to have a self-care routine will eventually lead to burnout and loss of vital positive energy. Make time for it, and your life will change! Choose a handful of practices that work for you and your lifestyle, adding any activities that best suit you. Also, feel free to change it up—weekly, daily, monthly, it’s up to you!

1. Practice yoga. If you’ve never done it before, check out a gentle yoga class for a little R&R, or a vinyasa flow class for a centering workout.

2. Take a luxurious bath. Don’t forget the bath bombs and salts!

3. Dance at a music festival, at a night club, or in your living room.

4. Unplug from technology for a few hours, or even for a day a week.

5. Snuggle up with a warm drink and a good fiction read.

6. Pamper yourself with your spa service of choice.

7. Meditate. If you’re new to meditating, try the easy kudalini meditation.

8. Work out. Make sure it’s something you enjoy– don’t make this a stressful to-do item!

9. Hike in nature and notice your surroundings.

10. Savor every bite of your favorite dessert.

11. Sunbathe in a pool of light…

12. … and while you’re at it, take a cat-nap.

13. Create and craft (paint, write, decorate, cook, sew, knit…).

14. Have a girls’ night in with your best friends.

15. Practice the art of doing nothing, or whatever comes to you in the moment.

16. Hang out with your pet. If you don’t have one, borrow your neighbor’s pet or head to your local animal shelter.

17. Go for a long, luscious walk when it’s warm out.

And remember, being happy and taking care of yourself is being productive!

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