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With the overwhelming amount of social media networks out there, it’s easy to feel over-connected, over-stimulated and, more importantly, it’s hard to keep it all organized!  Fortunately, for you, we have rounded up five ways to get the most out of your social media accounts, and to ensure sure they are set up safely, securely and efficiently!


1) First things First: Security


Security and settings are likely the most talked about topics in the social media world, and commonly the most misunderstood.  Although Facebook has the most complaints regarding security, their security features have actually gotten much more user-friendly and it’s now relatively easy to control your settings.

Ever wonder who can actually see your status updates and photo shares?   Simply, go to the top right corner of your profile and click on the lock icon (see picture below).  Under this little widget, you can access almost all of your security settings. In these settings you can select exactly who can see your posts, from friends, the public, or even only you! These helpful icons are on every status update, photo album or song you have ever shared and can, at any time, be changed.

Scared about sharing your Pinterest pins or Instagram posts on Facebook? Simply “unlink” your accounts and stop the world from knowing a little too much about you based off your pinning habits.  To learn how to unlink Pinterest visit this helpful how-to guide from their blog here. Unlink Instagram by going to “settings”, “preferences” and edit your share settings how you see fit!


2) Not All Photos Were Meant to be Shared:


Not every one of our Facebook friends has to see every picture we have ever been tagged in.  Have you ever had a fun night out, and a girlfriend uploads hundreds of pictures to Facebook the next day? You may not quite remember the entire night, but by the looks of the pictures, you have seen better days.  Before you know it, you are getting notifications that you have been tagged in more than one less than appealing photo of yourself. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent this catastrophe from ever occurring again. Introducing tagging review:  Simply go to your Facebook settings, go to “timeline and tagging” and turn the “review posts friends tag you in” feature to “on”.  Now you can review and approve every photo, status and video you are tagged in and save yourself from future embarrassing situations.


3) Get Your Push Notifications In Check:


With the obscene amount of emails, texts, news updates and baby announcements we all receive on a daily basis, social media updates can get a little overwhelming.  If your main access method to social media networks is your mobile device, turn off those push notifications stat!  Is it really necessary to get notified every time that Instagram photo of your lunch gets a like?  Turn all push notifications off for most social media apps in your general mobile settings and unplug, one baby step at a time.


4) Clean House:


Let’s face it; the amount of Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and Snapchatters you have on your list of “friends” has gotten a bit out of hand.  When scrolling through your News Feed you probably realize that at least 50% of people who are sharing updates, may be people you haven’t talked to in years (and probably wouldn’t even recognize in person). While Facebook is a great medium to stay connected, you may not necessarily want to see a friend of a friend’s daily status update about how much they hate their job.  Instead of going on an un-friending spree, you can simply go to their Facebook profile and select “unfollow”.  Now their daily updates will no longer clog your feed, which leaves more room for content you are actually interested in, like Best Friends For Frosting posts!


5) Filter More Efficiently:


Whether you are sharing photos of your amazing day at the vineyard, or using photos to promote your blog, you may have noticed that you spend WAY more time than you should re-sizing, filtering and editing photos on your desktop and mobile device.  Save more of your valuable time with The Next Web’s list of the best tools for editing photos for social media.


Got any other great tips for us? Share them below!



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