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When it comes to inviting guests over, you better have a fabulous cocktail recipe in hand. Whether it’s an afternoon pool party, a dinner party, or even a simple get-together for poker night, having a go-to cocktail recipe is always best.

olives poker-night cards

We’re absolutely loving this simple, yet classy, cocktail. Simply combine 2 parts Pinnacle Vodka, a splash of olive juice, and a bit of vermouth to create the perfect drink for any occasion. We’ve created this cocktail to showcase at your next get-together, poker style! Create a Vegas themed party, complete with poker chips, cards, and great cocktails. We’re absolutely loving the red, black, and white color scheme. What fun! This is the perfect martini to tie it all together.


Recently, we’ve been using Pinnacle Vodka in all of our drinks. It has been so refreshing to find a vodka that doesn’t cause a terrible burn as you’re drinking it. It’s a smooth, great flavor, and that’s definitely a win for us! You can mix it with anything! And did you know that they have a huge variety of flavors? Literally a flavor for every single person out there. We’re spicing things up with flavors like Rainbow Sherbet Vodka, Cake Vodka, County Fair Cotton Vodka, Tropical Peach Vodka, and their ever-famous Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka. No matter what flavor you choose, we don’t think you could ever go wrong! It has definitely become our go-to when we’re looking for an extra little kick.




-2 parts Pinnacle® Vodka
-Splash of olive juice
-Spritz of vermouth


1. Combine all ingredients into a martini shaker. Shake then serve with a few olives.

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