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Wondering how to add that extra special touch to your next party or event? Try out these DIY Party Favor Bags by Krista Perez of Sugar Love Chic, which are sure to impress and make your guests feel truly welcome. Here’s what she has to say:

When it comes to putting together a party, having favors to give to guests adds a wonderful touch to your event. It’s a lovely way of telling your guests that their company was appreciated and enjoyable!

Styling a Paper Bag

Today, I’m sharing creative and simple ways to use paper doilies as inspiration to make adorable party favor bags! Some necessities are doilies, spray glue (or any craft glue), ribbon, gold craft paint, colorful tissue paper, brown paper gift bags, and craft labels.

Gift Bags 031

Simply gluing a paper doily to the front of the bag and cutting the excess off the sides will give you the perfect base to place labels on and write sweet nothings to your guests!

Gift Bags 032

Keep it simple and cute by only gluing half of a doily to the bottom portion of the bag while also poking two holes in the center and tying a sweet little bow!

Gift Bags 034

This style may be my favorite! Spray paint the doily gold and once it’s dry, cut it into the shape of heart. Glue onto the center of the bag and place a label on top. I love the idea of writing the date of the event on it. If the event is in honor of a person or couple, this is also a great place to write their initials!


Gift Bags 047

Creative, adorable, and inexpensive. Fill these cuties with a thoughtful favor and your guests will love it!


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