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Fall is definitely upon us, and we are deep in the midst of crafting! As you’re gearing up for your Holiday celebrations, be sure to add this gorgeous DIY to the mix for a bold piece of decor. We’re thrilled to have Katie Taylor from Spray Paint and Chardonnay with us today to share this fun DIY Painted Antler project. Here’s what she has to say:

Growing up in Texas, antlers were always a decor staple in our home.  However, I believe everything’s better with a little bit of gold paint!  These painted antlers are the perfect way to add a bit of ‘rustic glam’ to any vignette in your home.  ‘Where does one find an antler shed?’ you ask?  The world wide web, of course! If you don’t live near the country, there are plenty available for purchase online. This project is quick, simple, and makes a great gift too!




– Antler shed

– Painter’s tape (Martha Stewart’s Painter’s Tape)

– Acrylic paint

– Small paintbrush

– Paint pen (optional)


antler diy-antler

1. Using painter’s tape, tape off your design.  Make sure the tape is securely pressed down so that your paint won’t bleed!  I made a chevron pattern, but you could also do horizontal stripes, angled stripes, etc…whatever you like!


2. Using the colors of your choice, get to painting!


3. After all the paint is dry, peel off the tape.  (Optional: I wanted a little more detail around the gold sections, so outlined them with a plain white paint pen.)


You’re done!  Now, style your antler on your coffee table, desk, or even a night stand for an extra touch of ‘boho-chic!’


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