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Now that summer is wrapping up, we know how hard it can be to restore your hair from what it used to be. Prior to all of the sun and chlorine exposure, it was flawless, right? But now, after all of the fun you’ve had all summer, it’s looking a little bit dull, and it’s sure time to give it some love! Maybe you’ve kept it short all summer to beat the heat, but now it’s time for a gorgeous long look for the upcoming chillier months. Today, we’re sharing some of our absolute favorite short and long hairstyles, giving you a little bit of inspiration on how to take that dull do from summer to the next level!

We absolutely love this short hairstyle on Kris Jenner, giving her a bold, sophisticated look. (via SoBluk)

When daughter Kim decided to follow suit with a shorter look, we were all a little bit shocked, but as Kim continued to play with the style, we started to fall in love! (via Beauty Hair Styles)

As much as Kim likes to experiment with different hairstyles, we know that she also loves to bring it back to basics with a long-haired sleek look. (via Style List)

But whether you plan to keep it short or grow it out, it’s always best to keep the option of an updo in mind. We love this simple, sleek pony tail paired with a warm sweater for fall! (via Hollywood Days)

With all of the changes Kim does to her hair we know that Hairfinity must be working for her to bring it back to life and to continue rocking all of these gorgeous styles. Hairfinity restores and nourishes your hair from the inside out, promoting faster growth of longer, thicker, more vibrant hair!

What’s your favorite hairstyle for the upcoming fall and winter months?


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