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Here at Best Friends For Frosting, we love being organized and keeping everything tidy and in their place! Sometimes, though, plain old storage containers can get kind of dull! We love to live life with color and beauty which is why we are so happy to have Niamh Osborne from Simply Earnest showing us this super easy and fab way to get organized! Here is Niamh on how to make these simple (but pretty) storage boxes:
I get so much satisfaction from having a well organized home. It feels so good to have a place for everything! However, sometimes it can be hard to find storage options that are not only affordable but that fit you and your home. Here are three simple and easy ways to organize your home in a unique way for very little money or time.
-Cardboard box
-Printed medium-weight fabric (enough to cover the box and the lid)
-PVA glue or Modge Podge
-Clean paint brush or sponge
-Clothes pegs
-Sharp scissors
-Pinking shears (optional)
-White gesso paint (optional)

1. If your box has bold lettering or colors on it, paint the outside with white gesso paint so that you won’t be able to see it through the fabric.

2. Cover the box in PVA or Modge Podge. Allow to air dry for a couple of minutes so that it gets a little tacky. Place it in the center of your fabric. Fold the sides up, as you do this pull gently on the fabric to slightly stretch the fabric, this will help avoid air bubbles.

3. Gently smooth out any air bubbles and use a clothes peg to hold each side up. Allow to dry completely before removing pegs.

4. Trim away the excess fabric with pinking shears and glue the edges down. Repeat these steps to cover the box lid then add a label!




-Wool Felt or Stiffened Acrylic Felt
-Chalk & Damp cloth
-Scissors or sharp craft knife
-Sewing Machine & Matching Thread
-Buttons (optional)

1. Using the ruler & the chalk, mark out a square.

2. Divide each side of the square into three. This should leave you with the perfect measurements for a cross.

3. Cut out the cross with sharp scissors or a craft knife.

4. With a damp cloth, gently blot away any remaining chalk marks on the felt.

5. Pin the wrong sides of the felt together to form a box.

6. Sew together with a straight short stitch from the bottom to the top. You will need to use a medium-weight needle on your sewing machine as a light weight needle may break and a heavy weight needle may cause unnecessary sized holes. Make sure to back-stitch to keep each side secure! Add buttons or a label!



-Hardware cloth or melded mire mesh
-Wire cutters
-Long nosed pliers
-Stainless steel thin wire
-Gloves (optional)

1. Cut a square from the hardware cloth. This will the base of the box.

2. Trim all sharp edge with the wire cutters.

3. Measure the perimeter by counting the squares. Cut a long strip of hardware cloth the length of the perimeter of the base and as wide as you like. This will be the sides of the box.

4. Trim all sharp edges with the wire cutters. Using the long nosed pliers, fold one of the edges of the long strip of hardware cloth over to form the lip of the box.

5. Fold the long strip of hardware cloth into four. The long nosed pliers will help to get the corners just right!

6. Using the thin wire, stitch the ends of the long strip of hardware cloth together. You should now have a bottomless cube. Stitch the base to the cube using the wire.

7. Add a label or maybe some handles, and you are all done!

Tip. Making this wire basket involves a lot of sharp wire ends, wear the gloves to protect your hands and make the basket on a surface that you are not worried about scratching.
I love having a well organized home especially when the storage boxes are as cute as this!  Make these boxes, fill them, stack, store and enjoy having a more organized space.
Make 2015 the best, most organized year you’ve had yet!


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    2. Sanne

      How do you prevent the lid of the cardThboard box to get stuck? Doesnt the fabric make the box too thick for the lid to fit?

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