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Calling all dreamers, future world-changers, and purpose-seekers! Are you aching to find your life’s purpose? If so, then you’re among a growing group of inspired women ready to ditch their unfulfilling jobs and excited to rock the world by living a conscious life full of meaning, laughter and of course, DIY projects galore! Today, we’re thrilled to have Mona Lisa Ondevilla sharing tips on how to find our life’s purpose in just 9 minutes!

While it’s easy to get stuck in a toxic “complain-about-life” trap—where action doesn’t happen and dreams wither away—it’s completely possible to reprogram yourself to attract a life of happiness and fulfillment with a little bit of guidance.

The first step is to get clear on exactly what you want, including knowing your purpose. Finding your life’s purpose shouldn’t be a difficult, anxiety-inducing process—it should be fun! An important thing to keep in mind while doing this type of inner work is to let go of brain chatter (this includes logic and analysis). While thinking helps us function in our day-to-day lives, it can hurt us when we’re trying to listen to our intuition and consciously map out our futures.

What does “consciously map out your future” mean? Put simply, it means to plan a future based on what you really want—not what society/your parents/your friends/the media tells you that you should want. Women often have a hard time cutting through the mental chatter and crazy high expectations; sometimes, they still need to discover what they want from life. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! This exercise will help you blast through that loud mental chatter, so you can get down to the truth of who you are and start living the life you were meant to live. Have fun!

How to Find Your Life’s Purpose in 9 Minutes

Note: This exercise is best done alone, because there will be craziness involved! Also, have a paper and pen nearby.

Step 1 (2 minutes): Crank up your favorite music! Dance, sing, smile… start loosening up and having fun, even if it feels a little silly. Throw confetti!

Step 2 (3 minutes): Ready? Now, act like you just won a ridiculously crazy amount of money—any amount that you would freak out about will do— from the lottery. Jump up and down, scream loudly, widen your eyes, and act like it ACTUALLY just happened. Do this until the song that’s currently on ends.

Step 3 (4 minutes): Grab your pen and paper and free-write what you want to be doing 1 year from now. What’s your purpose? The sky’s the limit, so don’t hold back! How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be? Who do you need to be? What about in 5 years? What about in 10 years?

Great! Look back at what you wrote and see what you’ve learned about what your heart really wants. What’d you come up with? We’d love to know what you experienced in the comments below.

Photography: Milou & Olin 

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